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Coal Markets:


Coal doesn't play significant role in Albania's energy - as 80% of the country's energy is produced with hydropower plants, and most of the thermal power plants utilize fuel oil and natural gas.

However at the Communist era coal was more important fuel in energy production and thus the country extracted up to 2 mtpa of lignite and imported up to 200 ktpa of coking coal from Poland. Currently Albania produces only 90-110 ktpa of lignite and imports 10-15 ktpa of coal.

Albania has relatively small (400 mln tons) geological and commercial reserves of lignite and sub-bituminous coal, presented with few coalfields (Valias, Manëz, Krrabë, Mborje, Drenovë, Memaliaj, etc.). Few coal-washing plants were built in Valias and Memaliaj coalfields at the Communist time.

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