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Coal Markets:


Kazakhstan is a large coalmining country - with annual coal production in 110 mtpa and commercial reserves in 35 bln tons. The record level of coal production was reached at the Soviet time in 1987 - 140 mln tons.

The country possesses coking coal commercial reserves in 5 bln tons; all coking coal is concentrated in Karaganda coal basin. Currently Coal Department of ArcelorMittal Timertau (a large steel mill in Karaganda) produces 100% of coking coal - exclusively for self-supply, so Kazakhstan doesn't export coking coal but imports such coal from Russia in small volumes (less than 1 mtpa).

Bituminous coal of steal grades is presented with a giant Ekibastuz coal basin with commercial reserves in 10 bln tons; three largest open pit mines located in this basin provide 69% of steam coal total production in the country, while 31% of thermal coal is being produced in smaller mines of Ekibastuz as well as in Karaganda coal basin and Maykubensky coal basin.

Kazakhstan exports 27-3 mtpa of steam coal - mainly to Russia's thermal plants located alongside the Russian-Kazakh border (such plants were built at the Soviet period for utilization of Ekibastuz coal), in China, in Central Asian states, and in Caucasus countries.

Currently 18 coalmining companies work in the country; ArcelorMittal is a single player in coking coal segment; Bogatyr Komir - JV between Kazakhstan Government and Rusal UC - is the leader in steam coal with production in 40-42 mtpa. Eurasian Energy Corporation - an energy division of ENRC - exploits one of three giant open pit mines in Ekibastuz as well as few smaller steam coal mines, and it's counted to be # 2 in steam coal.

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