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Coal Markets:


Kyrgyzstan is poor in fossil fuel, including coal - it has only 4 actual mines; all mines are small ones - with capacity in only 20-90 ktpa.

They country's mines produce about 550 ktpa of coal (mainly lignite); 100% of thermal coal is used inside the country; due to a fact many of the country's power plants still utilize coal the demand for thermal coal counts for 1.6 mtpa; domestic supply (0.55 mtpa) counts for only 34% of the demand - so the country imports about 1 mtpa of thermal coal (mainly from Kazakhstan).

There are no steel mills in the country - so Kyrgyzstan doesn't use coking coal; no one of its 4 mines produces coking coal. The government thought about the launch of a steel mill in 2007-2008 but because of the political instability the project has been indefinitely postponed.

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