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Coal Markets:


Lithuania is poor in natural resources, including coal - it has no actual coalmines now; however it possesses about 60 peat deposits, with prospective reserves in 2.6 bln tons. Lithuanian peat is equal to low-quality lignite by heat content, so at the Soviet time peat was actively used in the country's thermal plants. Most of thermal plants were modernized for natural gas and fuel oil utilization at the 1990-2000s, and peat is used now only with small municipal and corporate boilers.

Lithuania imports about 400 ktpa of thermal coal (mainly from Poland) to supply those of its power plants that are still not utilizing gas or mazout.

There are no crude steel mills in the country and thus Lithuania doesn't import coking coal or coke.

Lithuanian seaports (Klaipeda in particular) are participating in Russia's coal export transportation in EU, but the transit volumes there are much less than in Latvian ports.

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