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Republic of Macedonia

Coal Markets:

Republic of Macedonia

Coal has a vital importance for Macedonia's economy - as coal-fired power plants produce more than 80% of the country's energy. Having geological reserves in 730 mln tons of lignite Macedonia self-supplies 96% of the demand in thermal coal.

At the Communist era Macedonia produced 7 mtpa of lignite; the coal production grew slowly in 1991-1998, reaching 8.2 mtpa in 1998; in 1999-2007 coal production decreased to 6.5 mtpa, while in 2008-2009 it declined by 25% due to economical crisis.

Currently 4 open pit mines are in operation in Macedonia; two largest of them supply lignite to national energy operator, while two smaller mines supply to industrial and municipal boilers. Macedonia imports about 250 ktpa of lignite and about 20 ktpa of bituminous steam coal - in total it counts for only 4% of the country's demand in thermal coal.

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