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Coal Markets:


Mongolia possesses significant geological reserves of coal - about 100 bln tons - and may become an influential player in the global market; however to develop coal production the country has to solve infrastructure problem, as its largest deposits are located in hundreds kilometers of the existing railroads.

Currently few large coalfields are considered to be well-prepared for coalmining - with Tavan-Tolgoi giant (5 bln tons of reserves) among them; Baga-Nuur and Khuut coalfields also have large potential for coal production, but need investments in infrastructure.

Currently Mongolia produces about 10 mtpa of bituminous coal, including some volume of coking coal. The country exports 4 mtpa of coal (mainly of coking grades) to the neighboring China, while 6 mtpa of thermal coal is being consumed domestically.

There are about 40 operational coalmines in Mongolia now, from which most are state-run or owned with local investors; however few large mines are owned and/or managed with foreign investors, in particular Mongolrostsvetmet Mining Corporation (Russian-Mongolian JV with primary interests in copper) and Ivanhoe Mines work actively in the area.

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