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Coal Markets:


Slovenia has coal commercial reserves in 400 mln tons. As the country's thermal power plants utilize mainly fuel oil and natural gas the coal demand is low and constantly decreasing; at the Communist era Slovenian mines produced almost 7 mtpa of coal (both lignite and bituminous) while now it extracts only 4.5 mtpa.

Currently there are only 2 operable mines in Slovenia - both use underground mining. One of them - Velenje mine - is one of the largest lignite mines in Europe; it has relatively modern equipment and technology, and supplies lignite to nearby power plant. Another mine - Trbovlje-Hrastnik - is the country's last producer of sub-bituminous coal; accordingly the Slovenian legislation the mine has to be completely closed by 2015, while now it is constantly decreasing the output.

Currently Slovenia's steel mills utilize EAF/scrap technology and thus the country is not importing coking coal.

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