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Coal Markets:


Turkmenistan is rich in oil and natural gas but poor in coal - it has only 2 bituminous and 1 lignite deposits.

They extracted coal in Turkmenistan in the 1940s but in the 1950s the coalmining was stopped and mines were liquidated. So now there is no coal production in the country.

By the crush of the USSR in 1991 all of Turkmenistan's power plants worked in locally produced natural gas; older coal-burning power plants and boilers had been closed in the 1970-1980s. Due to this fact there are no consumers for thermal coal and lignite in Turkmenistan now - and the country doesn't produce or import such coal.

In May 2009 they launched the first steel mill in Turkmenistan; this state-run mill - built with the Turkish partners - uses EAF/scrap technology; the mill has no coke-chemical workshop and thus doesn't import coking coal.

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