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26 York Street, Mayfair
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United Kingdom
ICG Consulting, Inc.


+44 20 7873 2044 (London, UK)



Please read this information carefully before contacting us:

1. Ignatov & Company Group IS NOT a coal producer or trader
2. We DO NOT sell/export coal or by-products
3. We DO NOT present interests any of the Eurasian coal producers
4. We DO NOT provide quotes/proposals for coal delivery
5. Any e-mail message with a request for coal delivery will NOT be answered
6. If you want to know contact details of the Eurasian coal suppliers/exporters - you may buy our List of Eurasia's Coalminers that contains such data for suppliers of coking and thermal bituminous coal, anthracite and lignite
7. If you do not need contact data for coalminers but want to get information on other aspects of coal trade with any Eurasian country (from coal quality to pricing) please contact our Consulting Department with phone or e-mail indicated above. Please note that we provide any information and consulting services only at the "for-fee" basis